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Apr 20, 2021

Do you have copycats? People who always seem to be following in your footsteps, taking your ideas, and mimicking your style? On this Hot Seats episode, I coach well-established photographer, Jenny King through her copycat woes and share my one big strategy for keeping the copycats at bay. Hit play to tune in.


About Jenny King:

Jenny is a self taught photographer who started her business at the age of 30 with a newborn.  Jenny was a bartender for nearly a decade, went corporate in banking then fell in love with the wedding world after her own wedding experience.  In the last five years she has grown her business specializing in weddings, has since created an associate wedding company & is currently in the process of launching a third brand specializing in racy boudoir.  She has shot in 3 different countries & has been recognized as the best wedding photographer in her area.