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Apr 6, 2021

It’s pretty rare to find yourself in a scenario where no one else is doing the same thing you are. If you look around and find yourself flying solo with no one else throwing metaphorical elbows to get ahead? Consider yourself ahead of the game. You identified a need before anybody else–now’s the time to meet it. 

Albert Roig, my guest on today’s episode of the Play It Brave podcast, found himself in that very position when he established Carmencita Film Lab. Before Carmencita came on the scene, a lot of European photographers were sending their film across the sea to America. Their film was forced to make a lengthy, international journey simply because there weren’t options for high-quality, personalized film scanning in Europe. As a film lover who studied the ins and outs of film scanning and developing from Jon Canlas of The Find Lab, Albert realized he had the power to meet a growing demand for Europe’s fine art photography movement. After joining forces with a friend who happened to own a film scanner, Carmencita was off to the races. Need, meet solution.